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Lime Tree Baskets

Welcome to the online home of Lime Tree Baskets, where you can find classes, book a home basket party, buy patterns, see new baskets I'm working on, and find my ETSY store.

Lime Tree Baskets embraces my philosophy that the things we use everyday should be a pleasure to see and use. Baskets can range from high art to simple functionality. And while I've made art baskets for fun, I'll confess my real love is for the functional. I love using color in my baskets, but even more, the visual textures of differing basket weaves is a joy to behold.

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Basket Patterns

With a number of classes and students looking for new baskets to try, I spend a lot of time in the Lime Tree pattern studio. When I first started weaving, I was lucky to find a basket pattern with a photo of the finished basket! That's why Lime Tree Basket patterns always contain lots of “how to” pictures. Each completed pattern is proofread by experienced weavers. Please see my Etsy Shop for a wide assortment of patterns. Basket kits, with all the materials you'll need, are available for any of the patterns listed. Just contact me for details.

Teaching Locations

On site and in home group instruction:

Jennie Baas
Basket Weaving Instructor
Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida